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  • Extensive background in board development, church planting, financial forecasting, fundraising, marketing, grant writing, HR development, organizational change, and social enterprise.

  • Proficient in MS PC/Mac/cloud based platforms, QuickBooks, Access, Word, Works, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, RenWeb, web design, social media.  

Languages: English/Spanish



  • Established several successful social enterprise opportunities for disenfranchised populations.

  • Supported the restructuring of over 100 ministry teams, to ensure unity of purpose and vision.

  • Provided direction and leadership for a multiple-site congregation as well as several complex social service, mission, and educational agencies. 

  • Preached regularly and taught thousands at the largest AG church in the United States, including Bible studies, retreats, as well as Jumpstart leadership conferences across the country.

  • Ensured implementation of core values consistently throughout the organizational network of over 20,000 members, 12 campuses/sites and spread across 7 unique non-profits. 

  • Executed tactical and strategic training for hundreds of staff, program leaders, and volunteers.

  • Involved in the recruitment and retention of qualified, capable staff for wide range of openings.

  • Gained PR experience through community business relations for publicity and advertising.

  • Networked with a strong base of leaders in business, nonprofit, faith and government sectors.

  • Contributed extensively to the published works that have emerged from New Life Covenant.

  • Created and taught curriculum for Chicago Master’s Commission, training young people of Women in Leadership from a Biblical perspective. 

  • Wrote sermons/speeches heard globally at conferences, via the internet, radio and public television.


  • Actively involved in the Chicago Dream Center’s efforts to fight human trafficking, as President and CEO of their residential and outreach programs.

  • Board consultant for Army of the Kind, leading efforts in humanitarian relief locally and abroad.

  • Cultivated a strong reputation among members and staff for client-focused programming, by actively and directly participating in street outreach efforts and rescue efforts.

  • Spearheaded a complete organizational turnaround, while serving as the Acting Principal and Board Consultant for a local, faith-based elementary school of 160 students. 

  • Mentored church planters and Executive Directors of several new Dream Centers nationwide.



Nonprofit Management 




Northern Seminary                                                10/2021 - Present                                          Lisle, IL

Chief Operating Officer                                                                                          (630) 620 - 2113

Lydia Home Association                                        8/2016 – 03/2018                                           Chicago, IL

Chief Operating Officer                                                                                         (773) 653-2200

  • Responsible for all day to day operations of a 9 million dollar child welfare agency.

  • Led a staff of 150 employees toward sustainable growth and tangible, measurable results.

  • Provided administration that was action-oriented in order to facilitate capacity building.

  • Oversaw a wide range of agency functions from Risk Management to Program Services.

  • Increased revenue through Medicaid billing, nearly doubling the monthly income stream.

  • Focused on building employee morale and fostering an environment that was strategically directed.

  • Improved internal communications through weekly, monthly, and quarterly staff meetings as well as through an ongoing electronic newsletter.

City Colleges of Chicago                                    6/2015-8/2016                                                Chicago, IL
Adjunct Professor of Business, Wright College  
                                                                                                                              (773) 777-7900

  • Prepare lesson plans, administer exams and oversee projects for all students.  

  • Adhere to college standards in ethics, code of conduct, and all administrative duties.  

Chicago Dream Center                                       8/2007 - 12/2015                                           Chicago, IL

President/CEO                                                                     (773) 384-2200

  • Serve as founding Director through successful expansion into a $0.75 million NPO.
  • Provide leadership, direction, and training for over 200 staff, volunteers, and residential clients.
  • Oversee stewardship of resources, volunteers, and finances according to strategic plan and budget.
  • Manage for-profit cafés, catering, and food service ventures as social enterprises for 5 residential programs serving ex-offenders, homeless, recovering addicts, and survivors of human trafficking.
  • Engage staff development, while conducting workshops and training both internally and externally.  

New Life Covenant                                              8/2007 - 11/2015

Associate Pastor                                                                                                 (773) 384-7113

  • Provide pastoral care and counseling to a 17,000 member congregation.
  • Assist in providing leadership and training for 120 ministries for men, women, and children.
  • Oversee stewardship of resources, volunteers, and finances according to strategic plan and budget.
  • Conduct sacramental office when called upon, such as funerals, weddings, preaching, etc.
  • Provide organizational oversight for affiliate churches across 7 states and in Puerto Rico.


Salem Christian School                                              2013 - 2014                                             Chicago, IL

Executive Director/Interim Principal                                                                                           (773) 227-5580

  • Providing leadership, day-to-day and strategic oversight for faith-based PreK-8th grade school.
  • Oversee stewardship of resources, volunteers, and finances according to strategic plan and budget.
  • Develop a new board that reflected the mission and vision of this 40 year old historic institution.
  • Build a foundation for a strong development base, incorporating booster club, PTC, and alumni.
  • Expand athletics, music, and enrichment to augment branding and generate revenue stream.
  • Stabilize internal conflict, reorganize administration, create new website and corporate identity.


New Community – Logan Square                        1/2001 – 1/2005                                             Chicago, IL

Pastoral Staff/Outreach Coordinator                                              (773) 463-6222

  • Collaborate with treasurer in annual budget preparation and tracking throughout fiscal year.
  • Set up and oversee management of over 25 ministries, both internal and external in focus.
  • Served as a lay minister over hospitality, marriage fellowship, and Homeless Ministry (2001-2005).


Operation Blessing International                            6/1997 - 6/2002                                        Chicago, IL

Assistant Coordinator/Administrator                                                         (773) 625-6770

  • Administrated homeless ministry, supplying 1,000 bags of food, blankets, etc. each year.
  • Coordinated communication among city-wide clients, allocation and distribution of funds.
  • Trained volunteers, visiting youth, and church groups, in inner-city program methodology.
  • Assist in the development of Breakthrough Urban Ministry’s Joshua Project, a women’s shelter.
  • Mobilized community groups in private and government sectors to collaborate in large scale events.


LabTemps, Inc. (BP-Amoco)                                  6/2001-12/2001                                          Chicago, IL

Research & Development Technician                                                                                                                               (847) 825-6600

  • Enhanced team-building ability with research chemists to brainstorm new product ideas.
  • Trained under R &D chemists to learn procedural product experimentation.


NPTS/Fuller Theological Seminary                                                                                      Chicago, IL

Doctorate in Urban Ministry                               2014-2019                                    

Dissertation: Developing a Methodology and Theology for Redemptive Ministry      


North Park School of Business & Nonprofit Management                                          Chicago, IL

Master’s in Business Administration               2004-2008                                                                (773) 244-5518

  • Organizational Development and Non-Profit Management Certificates
  • Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • GPA 3.95/4.0


North Park School Theological Seminary                                                                         Chicago, IL

Master’s in Divinity                                              2004-2008                                                                  (773) 244-6200

  • GPA 3.95/4.0, Summa Cum Laude
  • Anhfeldt Medallion Awardee (Valedictorian)


North Park University                                                                                                         Chicago, IL

B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Spanish                              1997-2001                                           (773) 244-6200 

  • GPA 3.73/4.0, cum laude
  • Presidential Scholar (High School Valedictorian and National Honor Society)
  • Accepted into Spanish Honor Society (Sigma Delta Pi)
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